Global INSTO Meeting 2019 in Madrid

Anna Scuttari & Andreas Dibiasi Global INSTO Meeting Madrid

Center for Advanced Studies contributes with a keynote about the advances in analyzing trail accessibility for better transportation planning

More than 100 experts and stakeholders from all around the world met at the Global INSTO Meeting 2019 at the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO in Madrid. 28 observatories had come to share their experiences in measuring sustainable tourism and to learn from each other. Our researchers Anna Scuttari and Andreas Dibiasi were in Madrid to talk about the advances in analyzing trail accessibility for better transportation planning.

Since 2018 South Tyrol is part of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories (INSTO), committed to regular monitoring of economic, environmental and social impacts of tourism. Researchers from Eurac Research, together with experts from IDM South Tyrol and the Autonomous Province of Bozen-Bolzano, paved the way for an observatory after a one-year application phase. The annual global INSTO Meeting at the end of October provided the opportunity to present not only first collected data but also to share the experience in setting up a observatory, from which other interested regions could benefit. Anna Scuttari, Senior Researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies furthermore gave a keynote on the accessibility of hiking trails by public transport in South Tyrol.

Focus on the accessibility of hiking trails in South Tyrol

The availability and accessibility of hiking trails by means of transport other than the private car is of great value to South Tyrolean guests, because it encourages less emissions on site and a better aesthetic landscape value in proximity of the departure points, due to less parking. It was therefore deemed important to assess the degree of accessibility of hiking trails and to monitor the sustainable transport available to guests. The degree of accessibility was calculated thanks to the collaboration of UNWTO, ESRI Spain, and local hiking associations (AVS and CAI). Primary trails represent two thirds of all trails in South Tyrol and over 40% of them are reachable within a 10-minute walking-distance from the closest bus stop or train station. Over 60% can be reached within a 20-minute walk and only 38% require more than 20 minutes.

The Story Map with more detailed results can be found HERE.