South Tyrol is a popular holiday destination for culturally interested tourists due to its many cultural treasures and its rich history.

Over the last 150 years tourism has had a great impact on the most diverse forms of culture worldwide. In material terms, this influence on culture has existed and continues to exist directly in the form of hotel facilities, infrastructure etc., but also indirectly through the prosperity fostered by tourism in the region. The influence of tourism on immaterial cultural assets is more difficult to assess, but it clearly exists.
In order to close this knowledge gap, qualitative interviews and surveys can lead to a better understanding of this relationship. In addition, some quantitative numbers on museum visitors were collected and numerous individual discussions and workshops with experts from the cultural sector were held, while the relation between culture and tourism was investigated thanks to the case study on transhumance.



Governance: to assess how sustainability is being pursued by local actors and policy makers, for example by creating a network of collaboration with the agricultural sector to distribute 0 km products.

Land Use and Landscape Diversity

Landscape diversity is a source of beauty, and therefore source of quality of life and holiday.