First Annual Progress Report

The Sustainable Tourism Observatory of South Tyrol (STOST)

Authors: Anna Scuttari, Valeria Ferraretto, Andreas Dibiasi, Giulia Isetti, Greta Erschbamer, Simone Sartor, Daria Habicher, Michael de Rachewiltz

Colophon: Bolzano: Eurac Research, Center for Advanced Studies, 2019

Pages: 104

Report Abstract: South Tyrolean tourism has a record number of arrivals and visitors year after year. These numbers are brilliant for the economy, but they raise some questions about the sustainability of the tourism system. What does the arrival of 7.5 million tourists every year mean for the South Tyrolean population? What effects does tourism have on the environment? And how can we keep the tourism sector thriving by limiting its impact on nature and man? To manage it, you need to know.

With this awareness, the first Annual Progress Report presents some data and facts about the sustainability of the tourism sector in South Tyrol, which have been analyzed within the project “Sustainable Tourism Observatory of South Tyrol”, an observatory on sustainable tourism designed by the Center for Advanced Studies at Eurac Research and part of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The study analyses tourism at 360°, starting from the effects on employment and the economy, but also touching on the effects on the quality of life of South Tyroleans, for example the increase in the prices of consumer goods, and finally the consumption of resources such as water and energy.